With or without Nero BackItUp 11

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The name of the single click assessment to live backup of digital files is the Nero BackItUp 11 application. This is the most latest launch in the Nero series. It gets the consideration as the highly efficient computer tool. The latest version of Nero is world famous for its excellent capacity of disc burning and authentication process.

Live backup

The latest Nero BackItUp 11 is one of the fantastic software that provides live backup facility to the users. It offers the process of one click assessment to back up the important data even the whole system. This kind of regular backup activity makes the person tension free by storing its data carefully.

Restoration and recovering efficiency

Nero BackItUp has been affiliated with an amazing restoration quality. It can recover the damaged part of any file or the whole destructed data of the system. It does not require Nero image tool to be run in order to restore the losed data. It works by creating a rebootable disk to carry out easy backup.

Auto detection of the storage site

Auto search is available in BackItUp 11 for network assessment storage device by the network to carry out the process of backing up the data. One do not need the configuration of NAS device on a manual basis. It can be researched automatically by the suggested software. In other words, the software is capable of searching the target data in order to back up itself.

Recovery of the damaged files

One should never have the threat of virus and any other way of data damage, if it refers to Nero BackItUp 11. Once the particular data of the computer system have been backed up with Nero 11, there is no need to get worried of losing the data or crashing of system. Even, the unintentionally deleted files can be restored, after making the copy for the future. So, just some clicks are required to recover the whole lost data.

Two way direction of synchronisation process

Nero synchronisation tool is useful to control the syncing of various folders without carrying out the installation of theĀ  whole Nero BackItUp 11 application.

Back up compression with AES-NI

Data security with BackItUp program has been ensured 100 percent by the Advance Encrypted Standard New Instruction. The 256 bit secured, highly performing security is capable of assuring the back up of the data in an amazing manner.

Categorised back up system

The categories for backing up the data can be decided through Nero BackItUp. In this way, the music files, video files and movies etc. can be taken into back up by different categories means in various steps. Nero media library helps much in this process. It is the easy way to get attached with the respective data immediately later.

Drive backups in incremental steps

The process of backing up the data can be performed in increments by Nero BackItUp 11. In this way, the space required to copy the data can be minimized and more time can be saved in the whole procedure.

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