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Posted on 19. Apr, 2012 by in News

The market is full of media burning programs and the list keeps getting longer each day. But one name that stands out among the crowd has to be Nero. The company has been a market leader since many years now and its high quality products and reviews are testament to that fact. People have come to associate the process of burning media with Nero alone and this has meant that many of its bundled features are side-tracked. Besides the burning capability, Nero 11 also boasts of a number of other worthy features.

Very Own Media Browser

Nero 11 is equipped with an inbuilt media browser that serves as a one-stop solution for accessing all types of media files on your computer. For any project, all your picture, video and music files can be accessed through a single click. All the pictures to be burnt can simply be dragged and dropped and same is the case with audio and video files. The Nero Kwik Media Library provides a seamless user experience.

Convert Various Video Files

A number of devices today support playback of various videos. While this feature is a welcome addition to smartphones, computers and portable media players, the different video playback formats supported often kill the experience.

With Nero 11, however, you can wish these troubles goodbye as the program allows you to convert any given video of one format into a video of another format. Enjoying your favorite videos anywhere and anytime was never this easy.

The application has decoding support for many formats including 3GP, AMR, ASF, APE, FLAC, AVI, M2TS, MOV, MKV, MP3, MP3HD, TOD, OGG Vorbis, TRP, WAVE, VOB, WMV, WMA, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4. Encoding support is present for many formats including 3GP, AIFF, AVI, FLAC, APE, FLV, MP3, MKV, MP3HD, OGG, MPEG-4, Vorbis, HD-AAC, MPEG-2, WMA, WAVE and WMV.

Burn Discs that Last Really Long

Nero was always mainly known for its disc burning prowess. In fact, Nero was the first to introduce the disc burning software. Armed with many major and minor improvements, the 11th version will help you burn discs not only at a faster rate but also in a more reliable manner. A special mention must be made of the SecurDisc 3.0 feature with Surface Scan that ensures your discs can be read-from even after deterioration, scratches and general aging effects.

Ripping DVDs Was Never This Easy

The program includes a feature whereby you can directly take your DVD movies or videos onto your personal computer’s hard drive storage. The program has many advanced settings and tools that help make the ripping process easier. For example, you can leave out certain unwanted parts, extras or even foreign languages while ripping a movie DVD.

Secure your Memories with LIVEBackup

Protecting the digital copies of your memorable pictures and videos is a very strenuous but nevertheless, an important process. Nero makes things a lot easier for you with its LIVEBackup feature. This feature even allows you to back-up your entire system. This is what makes LIVEBackup better than any other manual back-up program.

With so many features and options, it is the ideal program for management and playback of your digital audio, video and picture files.

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