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Nero Profile

Nero is one of the most renowned companies in the field of producing software applications. The Headquarter of this highly popular company is located in Karlsbad which is in Germany. Besides it has a number of regional offices in Glendale (USA), Karlsbad (Germany), China, Japan, Calif, Yokohama, and Hangzhou.

It also creates platforms that are of immense help to consumers who can enjoy their videos, photos and music. Most of the platforms produced by this very demotic company are absolutely free of cost. One such platform called Nero Kwik Media is of profound help in enabling consumers in their process of accessing, enhancing and sharing of digital contents. They are usually shared across smart phones, PC’s, tablets and various other social networking sites on the internet.

The collection of multimedia software produced by Nero is its highest sold product and is creating frenzy among consumers. This software is laden with powerful applications for video editing, media management, file back-up, video converting, disc burning and content syncing.

Mission of Nero

Nero is a very demotic company in the field of liquid media technology and as creators it has its own mission and goals to achieve. The mission of this reputed company is to facilitate the distribution and creation of liquid content anywhere, anytime and on any kind of device.

They make every earnest effort so as to enable their esteemed customers simply take pleasure in their photos, music and videos irrespective of the file format or the hardware installed in their computer. This is achieved by taking a neutral platform that is unique and has an approach that is standard based. This works towards solution development and thus gives full freedom to the consumers to enjoy all kinds of photos, music and videos.

History of the company

The history of Nero dates back to the year 1995 when it launched Ahead Software. A couple of years later Nero Burning Read Only Memory (ROM) 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 were launched. Nero Burning Read Only Memory 4.0 and 5.0 was introduced in the year 1998 and 2000 respectively.

Nero Inc. situated in Glendale in United States of America was formed in 2001 along with its participation in the stock corporation in Ahead Software. 2003 saw the launch of SIPPS-VoIP besides a number of other achievements. The first multimedia collection was launched in the same year. This year is also memorable in the history of Nero because of the launch of Digital Format.

Nero K.K was formed in Yokohama, Japan in the year 2004. This year also marked the launch of Nero Photoshop.

The changed name Nero AG came in to limelight in the year 2005 and vaunted of its international and highly qualified employees whose number exceeded 200.  Nero Linux and Nero 7 were also launched in the same year. The number of employees increased to 400 in the year 2008 which also witnessed the launch of Nero 9. Nero Kwik Media, the latest laurel to its credit has already taken the market by storm and there is very bright prospect of this company in near future.

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