Features of the latest Nero 11 Multimedia Suite

This software also comes with Nero Kwik Media and Nero Media Browser. Manage all your photos, music and videos with Nero Kwik Media. It is a basic media file organization and playback program for helping you to collect and play your video files, music files and photos. Nero Media Browser is very convenient. You can have all your files at your finger tips while you move between activities with Nero 11.

The focal features include

1. Integrated Nero Browser:
• It provides one stop access from your library to the project you are working on.
2. Create photo books.
3. Convert video files.
4. Improve Windows Live Movie Maker projects.
5. Advanced and Easy Video editing modes.
6. Burn long lasting discs.
7. Ripping of DVDs.

All in all Nero 11 is an all around disc burning and media creation software. It contains advanced features for video and audio editing that most software’s do not have. It is a very user friendly product. The user interface is delightful. This is surely is amazing software to use. You can do it all with great efficiency and fun.

Reviews and Features

Nero Multimedia Suite 10 has finally started to take steps towards what its professional burning suite should have offered long ago – simple creativity. The new Nero 10 burning component is compounded by a media player, media manager, image editor, and slideshow maker that offer an interactive display. The Nero Vision movie editor got the main changes, also, involving more powerful fabricated artwork and themes. Unfortunately, its interface has still some rejections from users because of one story from the past of Nero Multimedia Suite.

Meanwhile the application itself includes very many separate modules and extras, uncompressed versions of the main components are now available to download. All the basic components are described at Nero Free Download website. Media Creator and Vision can be also selected with Nero. Nero Burning ROM is of course there also. The capable backup – synchronizing software component BackItUp & Burn will be included if you wish. It is your choice which extras you need to install. You are certainly better off with the Nero Multimedia Suite 10 when you realise that you will need to use at least three of the features. Media Creator’s theme is far more nicer than the other components but you know, this is just the question of tastes because I personally prefer the Nero Vision’s display originally. Most of the themes related to Nero 10 are fine and great to use. Nero’s professional file support is also exciting. It does not only deal with the popular media and image files like MP3, wave, bitmaps, MPEG, JPEG, DVD and CD, but in fact, it also handles more odd files such as APE, FLAC and TIFF. For an extra bonus it also recognizes WMV, MKV and FLV. Many flash types are also understood by the freshest release.

Image editing

Media Organizer also gives an image editor similar to the Google Picasa. The new editor includes quick correction, special effects, simple tweaking and much more. Nero 10 blunders, though, by not giving an inline editors for audio and video since Nero Multimedia Suite 10 includes the Nero Audio Organizer and Nero Vision – the movie editor. If Nero can take Media manager to a higher level, in fact bring all of Nero’s multiple media editor’s features under Media manager’s exciting theme and display, the brand will be on to something that will make all the users start using the organizer/player which is the leading software on the market that can edit all three main types of audio and media files. The other component which has received a major upgrade is Nero Vision 10. The timeline editor is greatly developed with some new functions, more playbacks, and useful components. There are also huge changes with some of it components such as Smart Encoding that does not treat files that have already been worked to match the source format. On the other hand, you can now create Blu-ray material so you do not have to buy an extra plugin for it, as long as you get it for audio-video editing. Templates are created of modern style, transitions, titles. Regrettably, the authoring and project plan still sustain the old amateurish display.

Burning ROM

Nero Burning ROM, which has been one of the main components of Nero Multimedia Suite 10 for almost a decade, is finally providing the possibility to burn discs for data work. The new Nero Disc tool gives you the opportunity to mix CD, DVD, BD-R types. For restoring the archive, users should first install the latest release. Another exciting development is the Burn button that saves you these annoying steps that Burning ROM previously always opened before burning a disc. Other personal features of the Multimedia Suite not already mentioned also stay fundamentally the same. Tools for getting media info, and restoring data from all sorts of audio and media, are still included of course. Nero 10 performs photo and other media backup as well as a new, more professional backup wizard. It leaves users the extraordinary feel of a powerful product that is being improved all the time and never remain timelessly old. We will be keeping you in touch with the news of the Suite.